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Top Tips For Your Wedding Ceremony Layout

You've been to see your wedding venue and seen the ceremony space all set up and not even considered that you might be able to do it a different way. The usual layout of straight rows of seating with an aisle might work perfectly for you but it's worth considering other options too. Scroll down to explore the different ways you can set up your ceremony.

Semi Circle

Having the chairs arranged in a semi-circle creates a lovely cocooned kind of feeling as you're more surrounded by your guests and, when you're facing each other, you can also see some of your guests behind your partner. It's also great for your guests as the people on the ends of the aisle have a better view of you too.

In the Round

Let's get theatrical and have a whole circle. It might not seem immediately obvious that this is an option but it is a possibility in most rooms. This is a great option too if you both want to walk down the aisle because you can walk down at the same time from opposite ends and meet in the middle - how cute and gorgeous and fitting for the two of you coming together as partners. Standing Having your guests standing creates a really relaxed atmosphere for a wedding ceremony and is especially nice when people have welcome drinks to take in with them. It gives what is a highly planned event an air of spontaneity that can work really well.

If you do have any older guests or people who aren't able to stand, it's good to have a couple of benches or seats at the front too.

No Aisle

The National Theatre in London was designed by an architect who hadn't worked on theatre before. He stood in the middle of the central aisle and said "this is the best view in the room - why wouldn't you put the seats here?" and so there's no central aisle anymore and you can get the best seats in the house.

This works really well when you have a group of people who all know each other really well and you don't want to split them up into separate sides. The only thing to consider in this set up is the entrance which you can do from the front or sides instead.

Rows of seats

Having the traditional rows of seats with the aisle in the middle is also a lovely set-up for a ceremony.

My top tip for this set up though is to make sure that you're front row isn't too far forwards. If you haven't left enough space for your backdrop, your celebrant and the two of you, your nearest and dearest might end up spending the whole time looking at your bum!

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