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Ceremony Seating for the Ultimate Guest Experience

How you lay out your wedding ceremony seating can have a big impact on the way your guests experience the wedding. Below are a few ideas for different options and the different vibes they each give to the day.

For a more relaxed vibe, you can have a few benches at the front for the people who need to sit down but have everyone else standing.

Do it in the round. Take the "pick a seat, not a side" ethos to the limit and have everyone sitting in a circle with you in the centre. It means people will be able to see your faces at different points within the ceremony and you'll be able to see your guests!

The semi-circle. The slightly less extreme option but still gives you the feeling of being surrounded by your guests and often gives those on the ends a better view.

If you are having the chairs set out in rows, think about where you will stand. Do you want to face each other, your celebrant, or your guests. You can do a mixture depending on what's happening but it's lovely for your guests to be able to see your gorgeous faces.

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