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What's on offer?

I'm based in London but can travel anywhere in the UK or overseas to perform ceremonies.

I especially have links with suppliers in the South of France so if that's a destination wedding you'd been dreaming of then I can help you out.

As inclusivity is at the core of what I do, I approach ceremony creation in a unique way. There's no template, no rough sketch of what a ceremony "should" include.


We'll strip it right back, we'll talk about the meaning and symbolism of each element of the ceremony to make sure anything we include is right for you as a couple.

We'll talk about what you like to do together, your favourite places, your backgrounds so that the parts of your life together that are meaningful to you are reflected in your wedding ceremony.

My basic services are the full ceremony package and the speech writing detailed to the right but I'm more than happy to tailor a package just for you and your wedding.

Just send me a message and we can work out what's right for you.

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The "Let's Get You Wed"

What's included?

  • We get to know each other so that by the time it's your wedding day, you've got a pal standing up there with you.
    We’ll meet either in-person or via zoom (cocktails/mocktails advised either way) to chat about your wedding and what I can do to make your ceremony fit exactly who you are as a couple.

  • I use a unique approach where we strip the ceremony right back to make sure that any elements included are truly what you want and aren't just what other people expect you to have.

  • I’ll stay in touch with you all the way through to really get to know you as a couple so that I can write a personalised ceremony that’s perfect for the two of you. We can meet/chat as often as you like and I'll be your industry expert so you can ask me any "silly" questions you might come up with.
    Wedding professionals naturally live and breathe weddings but this is probably your first foray into wedding planning so having a pal on the inside is priceless. 

  • I’ll send a questionnaire for both of you to fill out separately which is a great way to take some time to really connect with the reasons you’re marrying each other. I also write a secret bit of the script about why you love each other that neither of you will hear until the big day. 

  • Help and advice with vows and which elements to incorporate into the ceremony

  • This includes a rehearsal ceremony if that's something you want to do.

  • I’ll be there early on the day to make sure the whole set-up of the ceremony goes perfectly so you can just focus on getting ready and marrying the love of your life.

  • And, of course, I'll be there to perform the bespoke ceremony that's been crafted just for you

Price: £945

The Whole Shebang

In this package you get all of the above plus:

  •  Three two-hour sessions for speech-writing coaching for yourselves or other people you've asked to speak at the wedding

  • Two one-on-one vow writing sessions to make sure you perfect the words you'd like to say to each other on the big day

  • A high-quality printed copy of your ceremony in a gorgeous little booklet

Price: £1295



Just the words, please


If you've always dreamed of having a mate or perhaps a member of your family marry you then this one's for you. 
It includes all the meetings, questionnaires and ceremony help in the run up to the wedding.
The script is then emailed or posted to your chosen person for them to perform on the day.

It also includes a 1 hour zoom session with me where I will coach them through the tips and tricks of the trade and make sure they're ready for the big day

Price: £595

A Helping Hand With Speech Writing

One of the most special parts of the day is hearing your family and friends tell their story about your relationship and wish you happiness for the future. However, not everyone loves the attention of a crowd as much as I do so can often be nervous about public speaking or might not know where to start writing a speech. I can help with the following:​

  • An initial conversation to help you get some ideas down of stories that could be included, what you'd like to say to them and your best wishes for the future

  • Advice on how to structure the speech

  • Two rounds of feedback on your first drafts of the speech

  • A "rehearsal" where I'll gives you tips on public speaking and give you a chance to practice saying your speech out loud without giving away any spoilers to any other guests

Price: £295


Get in touch and book a consultation

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