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Top Tips for your Wedding Entrance

Whether the thought of 100 pairs of eyes watching you walk into a room makes you want to run for the hills or you love being the centre of attention, here are some top tips for your ceremony entrance.

1. There's no rush. Don't feel like you have to walk straight in when the music starts. In fact, it's often best to wait a little bit so that you get to walk in during the chorus or your favourite part of the song.

2. There's (still) no rush.

This advice goes for the end of the song too. Especially if you've picked a song with particularly meaningful lyrics or you're having live music, let it play even if you're at the end of the aisle.

It gives you a minute to take everything in for for everyone to enjoy the music.

3. Think about who else is walking in with you.

Parents, family, wedding party? Whoever you like, but just make sure the song is long enough and there are seats saved for everyone.

4. It's a great idea to have someone there to give your celebrant the thumbs up when you're ready to go so they can give all the relevant cues for turning phones off and playing the music.

5. Chat to your photographer/videographer if there are any particular shots you want from your entrance as it does tend to be a pretty iconic part of the wedding.

To get the best variety of shots, make sure they've got plenty of space to move around so they can do what they do best and get all the angles.

Photo: Lex Fleming

Most importantly, ENJOY IT!!

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