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How To Choose Your Wedding Readings

Usually there will be a couple of readings during the wedding ceremony but given there are over 4.5 million results when you type "wedding ceremony reading" into Google, how on earth are you meant to choose?

One way to tackle it is to start with the people who you want to do a reading.

Don't just give someone a reading because they "need something to do".

Choose people who are confident, who don't mind speaking in front of a crowd and who will actively enjoy taking part in the ceremony.

Once you have the person in mind, it'll be so much easier to filter through the readings because you'll be able to say what would/wouldn't suit them

Photo: Leah Weddings

Another way to approach it is to start with the readings. Brainstorm a few specific adjectives or things that sum you up as a couple and then refine your google search. Eg. "wedding readings for dog lovers" is far more likely to get you some good results.

Do a lucky dip.

If you've chosen the people but you haven't found the right readings, let your readers pick something and have them read it as a surprise on the day.

You can always help them out by giving them some direction but if you know they'd be good at this kind of thing and they know you well, you'll get a gorgeous surprise on the day.

Photo: Dearest Love

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