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Wedding Workshop at the Barn at Avington

A couple of months ago I went to a Wedding Workshop at the Barn at Avington and it was an absolute blast so I thought I’d share with you some pictures and info about the space. It’s a blank canvas wedding venue near Winchester and is one of the most versatile spaces I’ve seen.

Ceremony Options


You have loads of choice here and the barn is super versatile. The picture below shows an indoor wedding set up. The ceremony backdrop here was a beautiful hanging floral arrangement by Joanna Simner but the beauty of having a blank canvas means you can do anything you like. You could cover the space in colourful streamers, have a super simple ceremony arch, get a crafty friend to make something personal or surround yourself with plants. Whatever backdrop represents you as a couple is totally possible here.

Green Space

There’s a lovely, green space right outside the barn where you could hold an outdoor ceremony. Again, you’ve got a lot of options with backdrops here. Anything that’s free-standing could be brought onto the grass and you’ve got total freedom with the set-up of the chairs if you want something a little bit different. This is a great option for a couple who want an outdoor wedding but also want to have the extra touch of a fun backdrop in that space that ties the ceremony and reception spaces together.

By the River

A couple of minutes’ walk from the barn, there’s a wooden platform on the river that makes the dreamiest ceremony space. The raised platform means your guests can easily see the ceremony and, again, you have some options with the set up of the chairs here. The river just behind, as well as being beautiful, provides a natural backing track to your vows.

Let’s Eat

There is plenty of space in the barn to create the exact table set up you want. It’s big enough to cater for lots of round tables or long benches. Again, the blank canvas of the barn means you can create incredible tablescapes and a killer top table backdrop that screams “you”.

The Pictures

I never thought I’d feel so strongly about a wall but honestly this one is iconic. The dark background is perfect for some super cool and unique couple and group shots.

There’s also a lot of scope to add in different, fun backgrounds around the entrance of the barn. The pictures below were all taken against some pretty cool backdrops that had been brought in for the workshop.

Even if you chose to have your ceremony inside, you can still benefit from the gorgeous outdoor spaces for some really lovely photo ops! I’m not a professional photographer but I reckon some pictures at dusk by the river would be to die for.

The Party!

Again, it’s the versatility of the space that clinches this one for me. If you’re having a small wedding, you could set up a dance floor and a DJ in one area. For a bigger group, you can clear away or rearrange the tables after dinner so there’s plenty of space for a big old party.

I might have mentioned this before but you can also go wild with the decorations and lighting here and create an absolutely banging party.

The People!

Beth, who is the Event Manager at the Barn at Avington, is quite simply a MEGA BABE. She was on hand all day during the workshop helping out with anything and everything. She was all over the details, spotting things and pre-empting everyone’s needs and she also made it all look super easy. The people who are involved in your wedding are just as important as the things they’re supplying and you won’t regret working with Beth.

Overall, the barn is very private, very versatile and very very gorgeous. I’d definitely recommend it for couples who want a blank canvas so they can create a super personalised wedding.

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