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Five Reasons You Should Get Married at Motel Studios in London

As London wedding venues go, this one really is ticking all the boxes. Motel Studios is a beautiful, versatile, unique venue with oodles of personality and endless opportunities to tailor your Shoreditch wedding.

1. Versatility, baby The space is also used as a photography studio which means that, other than the fact that it is structurally an arch, it’s completely customisable.

If you have a particular idea of how you want the lighting, decoration, layout or The same space can look totally different from one wedding to the next, making it feel super personal and unique for your wedding. You could also do basically nothing to it and it’s still perfect. Seriously, throw a few chairs and tables in so people can watch you get married and have something to eat and it’s still an absolute showstopper of a venue.

2. Haute couture levels of tailoring

Ok, when I say tailored I mean TAILORED. The experience starts from the minute you go on the website. They have a quote builder so you can input the number of guests, the space you want to use, whether you want drinks/food or if you’re going for dry hire. It even lets you pick the shape of the tables you want to include. There are no hidden surprises or extras added on at the end either. The quote builder gives you the price including any security, insurance and cleaning, meaning you can make good, informed choices about what you do and don’t want to include. You can also choose the option to not include any tables, chairs, food or drinks and do it all yourself instead. I know I’m banging on about the tailoring but honestly, these are buying a suit on Savile Row levels. Motel studios perfectly blends the freedom and creativity of having a dry hire venue with the ease and time saving of an inclusive wedding package. Even better, even if you do swing more towards the DIY side of things, they’re always on hand to help you out with personalised supplier recommendations. There’s no generic preferred supplier list, instead they listen to what you want to have at your wedding, the kind of vibe you’re aiming for and then only send you suppliers they think are going to love. If you’ve ever witnessed anyone planning a wedding, you’ll know that this kind of efficiency is going to be a lifesaver.

3. They’ve got the logistics down to a T Following on from point 2, this one’s probably kind of obvious but they’ve really thought through the logistics of the day and made sure that there aren’t going to be any little snags or annoyances where you’re going to be like “ugh, if only there was a space for X” or “Lovely venue but shame the toilets are a million miles away”. There’s loads of space out the back for suppliers to park up and work but still be hidden away so there aren’t any vans ruining the aesthetic. The two arches are joined by a little passage at the back of the room so it’s easy for people to flow between the rooms and everyone can go and have a drink in the smaller arch while the room is being set up for food. There’s a huge blank white wall at one end so you can have whatever ceremony/top table backdrop your heart desires. (Honestly when I first saw it I was like, I want to do a million things with this space – the hardest thing will be settling on one idea) The walls on the street outside look really cool so you can get some super hip and trendy wedding pics. The toilets aren’t a million miles away.

4. Erm, it’s in Shoreditch. SHOREDITCH, PEOPLE!!

Shoreditch is great. It’s full of cool restaurants, fun bars, quirky shops (seriously there’s a shop round the corner from the venue that sells plant pots and vinyl records and it’s called Shrubs and Dubs). This means you’ve got tons of suppliers on the doorstep who could put the cherry on top of your wedding cake and it’s easy to get to. We’re talking a mere 8 minute walk from the Overground and 20 minutes from the Tube.

There are so many beautiful wedding venues out there. Gorgeous interiors, loads of outdoor space, serving delicious food, space for everyone to party but then it turns out they’re down a dirt path in the middle of nowhere and, given most of your guests are probably going to be having a tipple or two, they end up spending about £40 in taxis there and back. The joy of choosing a London location is that £40 could cover their share of a Premier Inn and their tube fair. Throwing a wedding is really expensive but attending one can rack up the price too and choosing somewhere that’s accessible can make a big difference. Maybe they’ll put the extra towards your gift registry.

5. It’s really cool Like, just google it. It’s really cool. It’s a railway arch (pretty cool) in Shoreditch (the coolest part of the coolest city.) I try not to live for the likes on the ‘gram but Zuckerberg has rewired our brains to need to constant external validation and honestly, this venue is going to give you that validation. I’m (semi) joking – the most important thing is obviously creating the perfect backdrop and atmosphere for you to celebrate one of the best days of your life and honestly, I think Motel Studios can do that for you .

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